How do you run an escorts agency really well?

Angie from Manor Park escorts of says that the criteria has really changed a lot in recent years. If, you would have told my I would have to learn about web design and SEO marketing a few years, I would have passed out, she says with a laugh. It simply wasn’t up my street then and I am surpassed my own expectations in more ways than one. To be honest, I feel on top of the world and I am really proud of myself. It is all over now, but I would not hesitate to do it again, says Angie.



Of course, there is more to running an agency such as Manor Park escorts, says Annie. Ultimately it is all about the people work here and use the agency. It is such a personal service that detail to attention is of prime importance. Customer services is part of the equation and I pay particular experience to this part of the business. A happy gent is a gent who becomes a regular date and this is what I want for my girls. I have told the girls to smile from start to finish of the date.



Some of the escorts don’t appreciate how hard the front desk girls work. This is why I always invite in a new escort to Manor Park escorts services to listen to the girls. What escorts don’t realize that a lot of gents who are new dating don’t always arrange a date straight away. Some of them call back a few times and ask a lot of questions. The girls must be able to answer all questions correctly and this is very important. They will often slowly reel a gent in until he finally arranges a date. The escorts soon appreciate that it isn’t as easy as it seems at first.



Being polite is the number one thing. Many of our new gents are divorced and not so sure what to expect. They are often a bit anxious and it takes time to relax them. I have said to the girls that to handle a gent right, you need to be a bit of a sexy goddess and a bit like a mum as well. This is certainly true with divorced gents. They like to feel they want to be taken care of and this is exactly what you need to do if you want to date right here at Manor Park escorts.



I spend a lot of time with my girls going over things. They don’t seem to mind and I think it is important to learn. Some girls who come from other escorts agencies believe they know everything. I simply tell them that things here are different. I want them to know how I work and how I want them to work. Each escort agency in London has its own unique flavor and it is important that the girls realize this. if they don’t do it my way, we quickly part company.

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