Do tall girls find it harder to date and find boyfriends – London escorts

One of my girlfriends outside of London escorts, is really tall. She is totally stunning and a lot of men look at her when she walks down the street. In her life, she has done a little bit of everything from modelling to working for top companies in London. At the moment she is running her own business and doing really well. But despite her good looks, she finds it hard to find a boyfriend. Mind you, my boss here at London escorts fancies her like mad.


The only problem is her height. The boss of our cheap London escorts agency service is a really tall guy and he says that he is intimidated by tall girls. I know it is not the cultural norm to go out with tall girls for short guys, but why not. After all, I am not intimidated by the tall guys I meet at London escorts. I find tall men attractive and I think they have a certain bearing that I really like. The same thing about tall girls, they have a certain bearing.


Perhaps height is one of the last barriers we need to break down. It seems it is okay for girls to go out with tall guys, but when the shoe is on the other foot, it does not seem to fit as well. We really need to change our attitude and stop to height discriminate. Tall people are often fun to be with and all of the tall gents I date at London escorts are great to be with. So why should tall girls have to suffer? I am not sure what is going on here, but I think it is about time men sort of stood up to tall girls in a more positive way.


My girlfriend is really lonely from time to time. She often comes out with us girls from London escorts. When she does so, she is the life and soul of the party. Most of my London escorts colleagues really like her, and they are taken back by her good looks. The thing is that you cannot get annoyed with her or feel jealous of her good looks. She has the most amazing personality as well and I love that about her.


There are specialist dating agencies who say they can hook tall people up with each other. I am not sure that works but I have told a few of the tall guys I date at London escorts about my friend. Some of them are interested and I think that I might be working on the perfect date for my girlfriend. He is tall, a fireman and really good looking. Actually, Karl is one of the tallest guys I have ever dated and I would love my friend to meet him. I have this feeling that both of them would get on really well. He sounds like he would like to have a tall girlfriend and I think I have got the right girl for him.

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