London Escorts Lust For Both Young And Old Men

Do you like old or young men? I love dating older gents at London escorts. That being said, I really don’t really lust after them. But, I like that about London escorts. It is the only place in London where you can experience the best of both worlds, and once you know how to move smoothly in between them, you can make the most of it.

What is so great about the more senior gents I date at London escorts? First of all, most of them are a lot of fun to spend time with. They tend to have a bit more get up and go than the younger ones. But, it is not only that which attracts me to senior London escorts gentlemen. Many of them are very generous as well, and the ones who I date, always bring me the best presents and sweetest surprises. You can say that I have done very well from dating senior gents at the escorts agency, not all other London escorts are so keen on hooking up with them.

Younger guys never used to use London escorts that much, but in recent years, it seems that even they enjoy dating London escorts. It is not a problem. Most younger guys are very attractive, but they don’t have the kind of confidence as senior gents do. But they do have great bodies, and I must admit that some of the younger guys really know how to turn me on. It also helps that I feel that I have a lot more in common with them when we are out on a date.

If I had to choose to only date young or senior gents, I think that I would settle for senior gents. The problem is that I could easily see myself getting personally involved with one of the younger gents and I really don’t want to do that. Of course, you risk that with seniors as well, but many of them sort of keep a polite distance from you. The younger guys I meet at London escorts all would like you to be your boyfriend, and that is not really what I am after at all. This is a job, and I don’t really want to get that personally involved so dating older gents suits me.

I am not sure how long I am going to continue to work for my elite London escorts, but I do enjoy my job here. Most of the girls that I work at the escort agency, don’t like to date older gents, but I think that they are missing out. Not only would they be able to enjoy some good tips, but you get wined and dined as well. Yes, my senior gents really do spoil me, and it is certainly one of the reason I enjoy spending time with them. It is nice with presents, and many of the presents that I get are valuable. Would I fancy a sugar daddy? There are days when I would rather fancy a sugar daddy.

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